Wethepeople Pathfinder 25.4mm 2-Piece BMX Styr

649,00 kr.

Felix Prangenberg’s 2-piece signature bars in an over-sized 25.4mm version

When Felix is out on his daily street ride, he is most likely to rock his 4-piece bars. But from time to time he wants to switch things up a little and ride a regular 2-piece setup. The Pathfinder 2-Piece bars are for those ‘a-little-less-street’ and ‘a little-more-park’ days.

This model is designed with an oversized clamping area for maximum clamping power. It’s only compatible with oversized 25.4mm stems.

Technical features:

  • Over-sized clamping area for maximum clamping power and a rock-steady setup
  • Regular 2-piece construction for a classy look (also weighs a little less than 4-piece bars)
  • Fully heat-treated and multiple butted for maximum strength
  • Made from durable Japanese 4130 Chromoly
  • Oval cross-tube to added dent resistance
  • Bio-graphics showing ‘FP’ and ‘1996’ for Felix Prangenberg and his birth year

Notice: Only compatible with over-sized 25.4mm stems.

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Varenummer: 05001010220 Kategori: Brand:
Styr højde: 9″ (22.9cm)
Styr brede: 28″ (71.1cm)
Frempind diameter: 25.4mm
Bar design: Two-piece
Bar materiale: Chromoly Stål
Backsweep: 11.5°





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