Tilt 3D Logo 6.5″ Griptape Løbehjul

Hug that pro scooter deck with your feet and feel the grip brought to you with a Tilt 3D Logo Grip Tape

You know it is going to be clean looking, highly functional, and durable as well when the thing you are shredding bares the name of Tilt. These lovely sheets of sticky goodness are no exception, so pick your favorite color and be on your way in style.

Tech Features:

  • 3D logo graphics
  • Sized to fit most pro scooter decks out there
  • Medium coarse grit for a sublime grip

Denne vare er p.t. ikke på lager og er derfor ikke tilgængelig.

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Bredde: 6.5” (16.5cm)
Længde: 23” (58.4cm)
Vægt: 70g

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