Madrid Lifestyle Drop Through 40” Komplet Longboard

1.399,00 kr.

Need a gorgeous complete longboard ready for Freeriding adventures?

The Lifestyle series is an obvious choice since it packs a lot of punch at an affordable rate. The foot-hugging concave shape locks in your feet, to easily initiate slides. It also helps if you want to use it for carving and pumping.

Lush graphics and great hardware

  • Getting a longboard from the Lifestyle series means superb looks on an easy-to-skate setup
  • Drop-through mounted trucks ensures a lower push-height, making it comfy for long sessions
  • Caliber trucks and Cadillac wheels keep you firmly connected to the surface

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Varenummer: YCDEC20LONSOLDRO Kategori: Brand:
Deck bredde: 9.25″ (23.5cm), 9.625″ (24.4cm)
Deck længde: 39″ (99.1cm), 40″ (101.6cm)
Akselafstand: 28.75″ (73cm), 30″ (76.2cm)
Deck materiale: Bambus, Ahorn
Deck specificationer: Twin tip, Hjul udskæringer
Konkav: Medium
Griptape: Pre-gripped
Truck type: Inverted kingpin, Drop through
Hangerbredde: 184mm (7.25″)
Aksel Bredde: 10″
Hanger Degree: 50°
Cushioning: 89A
Hjuldiameter: 70mm
Hjul hårdhed: 80A
Hjulmateriale: PU støbt
Kugleleje præcision: ABEC-7
Niveau: Første gang, Begynder, Øvet
Riding Style: Freeride, Cruise, Carving

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