Lucky Cody Flom Signature Trick Løbehjul

1.999,00 kr.

World’s first complete Cody Flom signature scooter

Despite having a quite large range of signature parts, this beast of a trick scooter will be the first complete in his line-up. It’s made by Lucky and based off on the popular Prospect model, but of course, with a twist of Cody Flom beloved Porsche/Martini style put into it.

Technical features

Very light construction with a total weight of around 3.2 kg
Smooth and fully integrated headset, perfect for throwing your bars
Built with Cody’s V3 signature deck, extruded from 6061 alloy
Built with Cody’s V3 Signature wheels in a 110mm hollow core design
Built with Kink over-sized alloy bars in a matching Porsche/Martini livery

Tilgængelig på restordre

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Total højde: 86.5cm
Compression type: IHC
Hjuldiameter: 110mm
Vægt: 3200g
Bar bredde: 584mm
Headset-type: Integrated 1 1/8″
Forgaffel type: Uden gevind
Materiale: Aluminium 6061
Deck design: One-piece
Deck længde: 52cm (20.5″)
Deck bredde: 12.2cm (4.8″)
Dropout Form: Peg-cut
Headtube vinkel: 82.5°
Konkav: Ja
Forgaffel design: One-piece
Bar Form: Y-formet
Bar materiale: Aluminium 6061
Bar højde: 610mm
Bar ydre diameter: 35mm (Oversized)
Bar indre diameter: 28mm
Backsweep: 2°
Clamp størrelse: Double
Hjulprofil: Rund
Hjul hårdhed: Uspecificeret
Hjul nav bredde: 24mm
Kerne materiale: Aluminium
Kerne design: Hollow
Aksel diameter: 8mm
Kugleleje præcision: Ikke specificeret
Bremse type: Flex Fender
Samling: Delvis samlet