Hella Grip ZM3 Griptape Løbehjul

129,00 kr.

Grab one of the latest Zack Martin signature grip tape sheets from Hella Grip

Zack Martin has seen most regular types of signature griptape and is now ready with his own version which pays homage to his new home turf in New Mexico.

Built for easy application and longevity

  • This griptape is made from a tear/waterproof PVC material covered in silicone carbide grit formula
  • Easily applied with the aggressive weatherproof adhesive
  • This griptape follows Hella Grips larger size griptapes and comes with a whopping 6″ x 24″ sheet of grippy goodness

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Varenummer: HGGTFC64ZM3 Kategori: Brand:
Bredde: 15.2cm (6”)
Længde: 61cm (24”)
Vægt: 70g

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