Hawgs Cordova Cruiser Skateboard Hjul 4-Pak

419,00 kr.

Provide yourself with go-any-where capabilities on your skateboard setup with a set of Cordova wheels

With a set of Cordovas for either your regular skateboard or cruiser skateboard, you get a pair of rough-and-ready wheels, that are built to handle gnarly terrain with ease and to simply glide over the smooth stuff.

Great shape and softness

  • The Cordova skateboard wheels are made with a nice rounded shape that enhances the versatility
  • No need for breaking them in, since they are stone ground and ready to shred
  • At 90A they are softer than regular skate wheels which makes them great for cracked roads and rougher terrrain

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Varenummer: 119WHPP-HCO57 Kategori: Brand:
Hjul per pakke: 4
Hjul hårdhed: 90A
Hjuldiameter: 57mm
Hjulmateriale: PU støbt
Hjulets Kontaktflade: 23mm

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