Graw J20 Rampe

749,00 kr.

Bring a mid-sized Graw Ramp for your next sessions

No matter if you’re skateboarder, scoot rider, blader, or BMX’er, the Graw Ramps are here to spice up your sessions as an add-on to your street/park settings. Use it as a tool to reach a taller rail, add it to a bowl for increased height when practicing your drop-ins, or simply put it on a flat surface and put some extra air between you and the ground to get familiar with the in-air feeling.

Technical features

  • Made from curved, light and strong 15mm thick beechwood material
  • Part of the J-series, focusing on high strength and low weight
  • Easy to carry around due to its lightweight and compact sizing
  • Comes with pre-mounted rubber pads to keep it from moving around when hitting it
  • Comes with a pre-mounted steel edge plate to reduce drag, wear and tear
  • This is the mid-sized version in the lineup, measuring 20 cm in height

Ikke på lager

Varenummer: GR-J20 Kategori: Brand:
Længde: 76cm (29.921”)
Højde: 20cm (7.874”)
Bredde: 40cm (15.748”)
Vægt: 3.5kg
Vægt 4 kg

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