Graw G20 Pro Rampe

999,00 kr.

Steady and durable ramp that won’t move when hitting it

No matter if you’re skateboarder, scoot rider, blader, or BMX’er, the Graw Ramps are here to spice up your sessions as an add-on to your street/park settings. Use it as a tool to reach a taller rail, add it to a bowl for increased height when practicing your drop-ins, or simply put it on a flat surface and put some extra air between you and the ground to get familiar with the in-air feeling.

Technical features

  • Made from strong and curved 20mm thick beech plywood material – strongest in the lineup
  • Part of the G Pro-series, characterized by its strong and heavy construction
  • Compact dimensions, making it easier to carry around
  • Comes with rubber pads to keep it from moving around when hitting it (installation required)
  • Comes with a steel edge plate to reduce drag, wear and tear (installation required)
  • Easy and fast to assemble and screws + hex key for installation included

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Længde: 80cm (31.496”)
Højde: 20cm (7.874”)
Bredde: 50cm (19.685”)
Vægt: 7.3kg
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