Fuse Omega Knee/Shin/Whip Combo Pads

Provide yourself with optimal lower leg protection that fits tight enough to go under your pants

With the Fuse Omega Combo protectors, you get perfect protection for practicing whip tricks on pro scooters or BMX bikes. The combo-package is made up of knee protectors merged with a shin-protector and with an added ankle-protector at the bottom.

Tech Features:

  • Superb protection is provided by SAS-TEC, which is a flexible viscoelastic foam with extreme impact absorption properties
  • The outer material is made of tough and durable Cordura/Duratex combined with neoprene grippers
  • Inside is the air plush anti-bacterial lining
  • Neoprene sharkskin is strategically placed inside to prevent pad-slips
  • The whip-pads are articulated to allow full freedom of movement
  • The ankle-pads are adjustable for an optimized fit or they can be completely removed

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