Fuse Alpha Brace Ankelstøtter 2-Pak

399,00 kr.

Protect your ankles from impact and stiffen them up to be able to cope with hard landings

From Fuse comes the Alpha Ankle Brace set, which will help you stiffen up the area around your ankles and also provide you with protection from impact.
They utilize perforated neoprene material combined with Cordura for a ventilated and comfortable fit. The Alpha braces keep any injured/sprained ankles safe from impact thanks to the EVA padding. The Alpha ankle protector is nice to wear when practicing flip-tricks on skateboards, pro scooters, and Freestyle BMX.

This protector is built specifically to protect the Achilles tendon and the delicate bone structure in the ankle area. And furthermore, it will help support your ankle when going big on tricks, which can be strenuous on the on this particular area of your body, since it takes the brunt of the force exerted from hard landings.

Thanks to the great adjustment-options these protectors are one size.

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