Eclat Decoder High Pressure 20″ X 2.4″ BMX Dæk 120psi

339,00 kr.

Fireball based lightweight high-pressure tire for park

The Decoder tire by Éclat is heavily inspired by the popular Fireball tire. It comes with the same tread pattern but with a lower profile.

Its fine micro knurling provides tons of grip and durability, and its grind-resistant sidewall increases the overall life-span of the Decoder.

The Decoder is designed with a directional tread pattern and is super light in weight, perfect for pumping the park and going high on the ramps.

Notice: This is the high-pressure model, suitable for up to 120 PSI

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Hjuldiameter: 20″
Dæk bredde: 2.4″
Dæk Tryk: 120psi
Vægt: 630g

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