Drone Classic Titanium Løbehjul Bar

1.799,00 kr.

Keep things light and clean looking with the Classic Titanium pro scooters bars from Drone

Drone brings you the ultimate classic in pro scooter bar designs – The T-bar. And in this version, it is oversized and built for SCS compression. It is made from Titanium which merges the mechanical strength of steel with the ultimate low weight of aluminum.

Tech Features:

  • The biggest benefit of using titanium comes from its elongation and tensile strength capabilities
  • This makes titanium bars feel extremely flexible as opposed to steel or aluminum bars
  • But it also adds to the durability of the bars
  • The titanium will flex back to its original position rather than bend

Notice: Taking into consideration the price and the mechanical properties of the titanium bars – We recommend these primarily for riders of a certain skill level. Intermediate to pro as a minimum. This is because they can break as well as bars of other materials if not used correctly.

Varenummer: Ikke muligt Kategori: Brand:
Kompatibel med: SCS
Bar-ends kompatible med: Stål
Bar højde: 710mm
Bar bredde: 610mm
Bar materiale: Titanium
Bar ydre diameter: 35mm (Oversized)
Bar indre diameter: 32mm
Vægt: 866g
Backsweep: Ingen
SCS Ready: Ja
Compression system inkluderet: Nej

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