Colony Sweet Tooth Alex Hiam BMX Styr

499,00 kr.569,00 kr.

Pro rider Alex Hiam’s signature bars

The Sweet Tooth BMX freestyle handlebars are pro-rider Alex Hiam’s signature bars. They’re made from solid 4130 Chromoly and comes in a classic 2-piece construction. You can tell it’s a part of Alex Hiam’s signature Sweet Tooth line by from the awesome donut animation on the side tube.

Technical features

  • Made 100% from heat-treated Chromoly material
  • Multi-butted tubing for reduced weight and increased thickness where needed
  • Classic 2-piece bar design
  • Pro rider Alex Hiam’s signature edition
Varenummer: Ikke muligt Kategori: Brand:
Styr højde: 8.8″ (22.4cm), 9.4″ (23.9cm)
Styr brede: 29″ (73.7cm)
Frempind diameter: 22.2mm
Bar design: Two-piece
Bar materiale: Chromoly Stål 4130
Vægt: 864, 942g
Upsweep: 1.5°
Backsweep: 12°
Vægt N/A

Chorme / Sølv, Sort


8.8", 9.4"


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