Chubby Loco Trick Løbehjul Deck

999,00 kr.

Deck bredde: 11.4cm (4.5″)
Deck længde: 49.5cm (19.5″)
Hjuldiameter: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 125mm
Hjul nav bredde: 24, 30mm
Vægt: 1350g
Materiale: Aluminium 6061
Deck design: One-piece
Dropout Form: Peg-cut
Konkav: Ja
Headtube vinkel: 83°
Headtube længde: 110mm
Headset-type: Integrated 1 1/8″
Deck spacers: Inkluderet
Bremse type: Flex Fender, Fender (Brakeless)
Bremse/Fender: Inkluderet
Bremse monteringsbolt: Inkluderet
Hjulbolt: Inkluderet
Aksel diameter: 8mm
Varenummer: Ikke muligt Kategori: Brand:

The Chubby Loco is a well-performing pro scooter deck, and it is made from light yet durable Aluminum 6061-T6. If parks are your passion and you’re into whip and flare tricks, then the peg-cut shape is for you. As the name suggests, it has the perfect shape to host pegs for relentless grinds. This Chubby scooter deck is compatible with most modern wheel sizes, fitting up to 125mm wheels. Furthermore, aside from the regular 24mm wheel hub width, you get all the necessary hardware to mount wider 30mm wheel hubs to this deck.

Due to the classic and versatile length of 49.5cm (19.5″), this deck will make you spin quickly while giving enough space for comfortable landings.

Weighing only 1350g, you can be assured that your technical tricks will flow effortlessly. In addition, the narrower width of 4.5″ is perfect for park sessions: it has all the responsiveness needed by technical riders, especially the smaller ones. * Deck spacers for centering the rear wheel are included with this deck model
The headtube has a very popular 83° angle for the perfect balance between space and responsiveness
A concave top design helps you to stay in control of your tricks thanks to the enhanced grip
* Included flex fender brake curves around the wheel and provides a strong breaking power


Doughnut King, Marshmallow Boy, Serpent


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