BSD Rude Tube V2 Lt XL Plastic BMX Peg

219,00 kr.

Ultra-light peg with tons of strength

4 pegs can be heavy, and every BMX rider knows the importance of keeping the weight down. The Rude Tube V2 peg by BSD is 33% lighter than the previous version and more durable as well.

Don’t worry about tightening your pegs too much

In contrast to most plastic pegs, the Rude Tube V2 won’t end up being deformed at the axle end thanks to its strong chrome adapter at the dropout area and generally thicker peg design.

  • Light aluminum inner peg in a thick design
  • Durable plastic outer sleeve
  • 33% lighter than the previous model
  • Strong heat-treated chrome inserts for extra durability
Varenummer: Ikke muligt Kategori: Brand:
Aksel diameter: 10mm, 14mm
Peg længde: 11.4cm
Materiale: Plast, Chromoly stål
Antal per pakke: 1
Vægt: 170g

10mm, 14mm


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