ALL IN Omaha Crank

1.264,00 kr.

These cranks are real featherweights: with only 765 grams (165 mm), the Omaha cranks set completely new standards. While designing them, we placed emphasis on as many straight tubes as possible. That’s why the crank is incredibly stable despite its record weight. Even the worst destroyers in our team weren’t able to bend or break the prototypes. With these cranks you can save the weight of a bar of chocolate (compared to other cranks) without compromise!

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Material: 4130 chromoly steel, heat treated
Crankarm length: 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
Crank spindle diameter: 19mm
Chain drive: LHD & RHD (left & right)
Pedal thread: 9/16″
Include: ALL IN Omaha Crank Tool

Weight: 764g (165mm), 774g (170mm), 784g (175mm)


Colour: black
Axle Diameter: 19mm
Version: RHDLHD
Material: Chromoly Steal
Crankarm length: 175mm170mm165mm

165mm, 170mm, 175mm


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