ALL IN Big Bet Bar

558,00 kr.632,00 kr.

When you go for the big tricks and it’s all or nothing you need bars you can trust. Enter the Big Bet bars! Their geometry makes them easy on your wrists and they’re constructed from butted, heat treated chromoly. The means they’ll never let you down, even if things don’t exactly go your way above the box jump. In case you prefer our bars a little narrower they are easy to cut down.

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Material: 4130 chromoly steel, heat treated
Height: 9″, 9.3″
Width: 29.5″
Upsweep: 2°
Backsweep: 11.5°
Weight: 890 g

ALL IN Big Bet Bar technical drawing

Colour: blacksand-tanchrome
Bar Rise: 99.3

Chrome, sand, Sort


9,3'', 9"


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