Animal Inverse Top Load BMX Frempind

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Top load stem with two heights

The Inverse by Animal is a regular-sized top load stem, that can be flipped around for two different rise settings. When upright it has a 22mm rise, and inverted a 10mm rise.

Lower the height of your bar by inverting the stem (vice versa)

  • Great clamping power thanks to its solid bolts keeping your bars in place
  • Clean look with double logo, meaning a visible logo no matter how it’s installed
  • Light stem CNC’d from 6061 alloy

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Varenummer: STM005RAWTOP Kategori: Brand:
Frempind type/Længde: 48mm, Top belastning
Frempind højde: 22mm
Frempind diameter: 22.2mm
Vægt: 317g
Forgaffel stilk størrelse: 1 1/8″



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